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Sale of decoration items

Want a change of atmosphere or ambiance? Simply change your décor!

Indeed, your interior spaces would be incomplete and drab without those little decorative items that make a big difference.

Running short on decoration ideas? Furniture (armoires, sofas, coffee tables, etc.), lamps, artwork, candles, interior fragrances, area rugs, household linens (towels, bath towels, etc.): it’s all available at Stoll.

Stoll Maître Matelassier offers a panoply of interior decoration items that will allow you to bring new life to your interior spaces.

Everything for your interior decoration needs

Bringing real character to your interior with their vibrant colours and variety of materials, our decorative items are useful, functional, unique products.

With vintage, modern, and designer options to meet everyone’s tastes, our collection includes a variety of objects, such as:

  • Lamps: whether for your living room or your bedside, these understated or designer gadgets will enliven your décor and add a charming touch of intimacy.
  • Artwork: considered one of the most populardecorations, our paintings will allow you to cover your walls with elegance. Depending on your interests, you can choose from among a collection of original paintings.
  • Candles and interior fragrances: with a wide selection of fragrances that can be adjusted to your liking,our candles give off the sweetest scents for moments of genuine emotion.
  • Area rugs: lending a cosy, ‘cocooning’ touch to your rooms, these indispensable accessories bring a touch of originality and personality to your interiors, depending on the shape, colour, or style you select.
  • Gift ideas: bring joy to those around you with unique gift items, painstakingly selected and catalogued by ourinterior decoration advisers.
Décoration lampe artichaut blanche
Décoration lampe artichaut grise
Décoration statut cerfs
Décoration statut lapin
Décoration vase pour bouteille chrome
Décoration Vase de Noël
Lampe de chevet chrome
Pot de confiture
Décoration cadre photo chat
Décoration fleurs artificiel
Décoration green
Décoration grenouille fontaine
Décoration statut Femme
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