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Stoll Maître Matelassier is Luxembourg’s only mattress manufacturer.

For that reason, we are the only provider capable of crafting custom mattresses for all beds and other uses (motorhomes, boats, etc.).

We will come to your location to take measurements, for no additional charge.

Would you like to see how your mattress is manufactured?

Don’t hesitate to ask!

Stoll Maître Matelassier

Our production

Our production site is open to the public. Here, everything is transparent.

STOLL mattresses are manufactured with care by industry professionals, using materials that comply with the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg’s strict health standards.

Our mattresses and fabric components are regularly tested for toxicity. For these reasons in particular, we have obtained the famous ‘Made in Luxembourg’ label, which we display with pride.

We also hold the ‘Supplier to the Court’ qualification, another source of great pride for us and a true recognition of our expertise.

All Stoll mattresses are manufactured in our workshops in Ehlerange, Z.A.R.E. Ouest.

In order to craft our mattresses, the team at Stoll Maître Matelassier buys from the finest fabric, thread, and foam manufacturers across Europe, all to ensure that we deliver a quality product with exceptional components.

Our mattresses


Like slipcovers, cores are of vital importance. They are selected with the utmost care by Stoll Maître Matelassier. Each foam core has its unique characteristics and will suit specific needs. That is why we are so attentive and mindful of our clients: so that we can give them the best possible advice and offer them the perfect mattress.


Each slipcover is handmade, step by step. Our seamstresses make them from the various fabrics in our product range. After the fabric is cut, the covers are hand-sewn and custom-made on specialised sewing machines. This painstaking work requires great mastery of the craft. A zipper is then affixed to each slipcover, typically on three sides, allowing them to be removed and washed. Fabric selection is very important and depends on each client’s needs. Pure virgin wool, cotton, synthetics, breathable or watertight surfaces: each fabric has its own characteristics and requires different techniques in slipcover production. Our seamstresses go through months of training in order to acquire the necessary expertise for their craft. That know-how is passed on within our workshops, ensuring a perfect mastery of materials and work tools, as well as a high-quality finished product, produced with care.

Our history

Since 1950, Stoll Maître Matelassier is the Grand Duchy’s sleep specialist and its only mattress manufacturer.

Entrusted with the sleep of many of our citizens, we offer everything you need to turn each night into the night of your dreams. Here, you’ll find bedding, household linens, duvets, duvet covers, pillows, and more… all the way to the décor items that lend the finishing touch to your living room or bedroom.

And why not add in beautiful furniture, beds, and sofa beds?

Here, you’ll find bedding, household linens, duvets, duvet covers, pillows, and more… all the way to the décor items that lend the finishing touch to your living room or bedroom. And why not add in beautiful furniture, beds, and sofa beds?

René StollRené Stoll creates his first company in personal name in 1920, rue des Etats-Unis in Luxembourg. Specialized in the sale and distribution of the first fuels, it offers its customers the sale of tires and fire extinguishers of the brand “Pyrene”.

Robert StollIt was in 1974 that Robert Stoll took over the management of the company. In 1979, the company left the street of the United States in Luxembourg to settle on the new industrial estate in Leudelange.

Fernand StollFernand Stoll, son of the founder, takes over the management of the company at the end of the 2nd World War. The company then starts manufacturing the first Dunlopillo latex mattresses.

Nicole StollIn 1993, Nicole Stoll took over the management of Stoll Maître Matelassier. She then opens a new point of sale at 271 route d’Arlon, in a renovated former stables (opposite the maternity ward). In 2001, she opened the department “Communities” which offers bedding products and medical care to hospitals, old people’s homes, houses for young people, inns, hotels, … In 2006, the site of Leudelange became too small, Stoll Maître Matelassier settles in Ehlerange (ZARE West). State-of-the-art workshops are set up to manufacture Stoll mattresses, and a large EuroWelcome-certified showroom welcomes guests in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

In 2015, Stoll opened a City-Shop in Luxembourg City at 32-34 avenue de la Porte-Neuve. A new concept, new products and the quality of Stoll products make this store THE reference in the field of bedding in the “Grande région”

Yves SchroederIn 2017, Yves Schroeder takes office as new director of the company. With him, it is a new breath that brings Stoll Maître Matelassier towards beautiful prospects for the future. The launch of a new range is rapidly emerging as well as a new dynamic image of the company. The manufacturing processes of the mattresses of a rare quality remain unchanged and the name “Stoll Maître Matelassier” keeps all its meaning even today, because all the Stoll mattresses are made by hand and made-to-measure. Stoll Maître Matelassier is the only mattress manufacturer in Luxembourg.

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