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The best selection of duvets and pillows

Just like your bed, bed base, and mattress, the quality of your pillows and duvets is key to improving the benefits of your sleep. Aside from their decorative aspect, they are intended to transform your bed into a peaceful space where softness and comfort reign.

To create an atmosphere that is all your own, we offer comfortable, ergonomic models to help you sleep better and support your neck and back health.

With Stoll Maître Matelassier, you can enjoy personalised comfort all night long!

Stoll Maître Matelassier Duvets

In the same vein, we offer a broad range of practical, high-quality, easy-care duvets.

From thick duvets to keep you warm in the winter to lighter, more breathable models to keep you cool in the springtime, our duvetsare soft and exceptionally fluffy.

Completely covering your bed, the duvet is the first thing that catches your eye when you enter a bedroom. For that reason, we have taken a special interest in our duvet covers.

From cotton to silk to synthetic fabrics, we provide top-quality duvets that will last for a long time and allow your body to breathe while keeping you cool or warm.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to select your duvet and pillow from our collections.

The pillow at Stoll Maître Matelassier is an art!

Whatever your favorite position to fall asleep, we apply ourselves daily to produce functional products tailored to your needs.

Indeed, our pillows are designed to maintain and rest the neck . They allow a complete muscular decontraction and avoid the sensations of heavy head and torticollis in the morning.

Available in various materials, sizes and different levels of firmness, our wide pillow range will meet all your expectations.

The new Stoll Select PILLO line

Stoll Maître Matelassier launches its new range of pillows “Stoll Select PILLO”

Discover this pillow with exceptional qualities!
In perforated latex, it is breathable and ventilated. Its amazing properties combine both and the perfect maintenance of your cervicals. The pillow always returns to its original shape after use, it will remain like nine years!
It is covered with a cashmere house that you can remove at any time and simply for a machine wash at 30 or 40°.
Several dimensions are available:

  • 60x40cm, height 12cm
  • 60x40cm, height 16cm

select pillo

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