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SVANE, 80 years of experience.

The only beds that use “IntelliGel”, a unique material that offers perfect ergonomics thanks to revolutionary technology!

Pressure relief:

IntelliGel does not compress when a weight is placed on it. The pressure relief provided by a mattress with IntelliGel helps you avoid heavy pressure on your body. This helps promote blood circulation and allows you to sleep more peacefully, giving you better rest.

Body support:

IntelliGel is extremely sensitive to pressure and allows the most exposed parts of your body such as your shoulders and hips to sink deeper into the mattress. At the same time, it provides firm support for the rest of your body and maintains your legs and waist. This ensures that your spine is kept straight, allowing you to sleep more comfortably and reducing the risk of back problems.

Ventilation :

The properties of IntelliGel are not affected by temperature or humidity. The large passage channels that allow air to circulate help to ensure that a mattress with IntelliGel will never get wet. This is important in order to maintain a natural body temperature, which will drop naturally overnight. Good ventilation and temperature neutrality also make mattresses with IntelliGel a less attractive place for mites. You will sleep better and better ventilation will result in a more hygienic mattress.

The properties of this technology, exclusively used at SVANE, guarantee quality sleep.

For this reason, STOLL MAÎTRE MATELASSIER offers these exceptional beds in its stores in WEMPERHARDT, EHLERANGE and BERELDANGE (not available in Luxembourg-City). Our bedding specialists are available to advise and guide you in your choices.

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